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HairBass, Yossi Abergel, is a Psy/Progressive-Trance Producer from Israel. Born and raised in Israel, as a late bloomer Yossi started his musical career at the age of 30. He studied music production at BPM College in Tel Aviv.  These days he’s playing in underground festivals and known clubs in TLV, such as Duplex, Pinguin among others. His stage name, is after his love for HAIR styling and fat BASS sounds.

His first album “Colorful Spectrum”, launched in 2017, under Alte records. In November of the same year, HairBass collaborated with Joy Records and established Radical, a Trance Label), where he became Radical’s Label manager. According him, “It’s never too late to fulfill your dreams and passions”. So, on February 2018 he took part in a large scale challenge, The “HEVIChallenge”, where  he made a new song and a video clip in only 24 hours under Joy Records. The single “Beautiful life” is a part of the HEVIChallenge  features live saxophone melodies from Yogev Zorea (X-FACTOR). In 2018 they were released: “We Are All The Same״ and “Qualic״, EP – “Dreams” – including the tracks: “M.D.M.A’’ and “Quiet”, “Dreams”, EP – “Miracles” – including the track  “Looking for space”, “Miracles” and EP – “Beautiful life” – including the track “Delusional”.

In January 2019 his latest release “Before” have a special family collaboration between HairBass and his son Reut. “The Sound”, are released on April 19 at Progg’n’Roll records from Serbia. In may 19, he released a remix to Norma Project “Reborn” for free download. He presents “DNA” at Let it out records from UK and   “Range” Cooperation with a friend at Progg’n’Roll records. Actually HairBass presented his latest release “Urticaria”, and “DiDi” and it’s working in “Psycho” and more collaborators. “United” was in the Top 100 Latest Releases on Beatport and Didi are in two playlists on Spotify.

HairBass is sure to continue his musical activity in the Psytrance music.  He plans on working with other artists to create a new, unique style of Trance music. He says, “I love collaborations, I like to get to know new artists from around the globe  and make new music wrapped with love”.


Era PROG o que faltava
Anonymous Tribe
May 29-30, 2020
May 15, 2020
April 25, 2020
April 19, 2020
April 18, 2020
April 17, 2020
August 22, 2019


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